Being random

i sign up a damn new blogger acc with a damn new email. yup i regret nothing until now. lol. anyway i have been blogging since 2010 but i get serious in this world on 2011. i love to edit the blog more than post the stuffs >o< thats why my blog appearance keep changing though i rarely publish something. i easily get bored with everything around me. idk why, sorry.

seriously i have no idea what to tell actually. oh happy new year 2014! hehe it may be late to say this (of course! its already half of 2014! come on liyana. you are so lame) whatever. its already june. last tuesday (a week ago) was my birthday. im just a nineteen-years-young-kiddo ohkaybye. please agree with me. im desperado wanna be wild, young and free babeh. stop talking shit liyana. so happy birthday me! thanks for the cake mom~

leggo to the future! i just started my semester three hewhew and this is my final sem! after this no more dream school! did i ever tell ya that im proudly a six former? yes i am and pre-u life is no joke. i wanna share about my life as a pre university student but nah maybe next time? i wanna give all my best for this sem because i have to! no matter what. lets learn from the mistakes liyana. you are grown up already. just for this time. for the last time. do it well. for yourself especially and everyone. no turn back.

my not-so-little-brother (a year younger than meh) enrolled to poli somewhere. we just send him off. im happy for him. but deep inside my lil heart im a bit jealous. because? because he went to university first! not me. okay its not uni but i still consider it as university. dont argue with me. i wanna feel not to be a school kiddo too. i wanna leave the house too (lol but really). i i i just... idk im sick of school. been years with school; the urge to leave school quickly really hsaksakdjansxom. na i feel?

tomorrow has school. kbai.

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